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Megha Rajput

Megha is married a woman and she comes from a economically humble background. There are 2 members in her family. Megha lost her previous job during lockdown. She was facing financial crisis and wanted a job desperately. One day through social media she got to know about “Bridge2Naukri” programme. She shared her CV there and next day she got a call from “Bridge2Naukri” representative. They told her about the job vacancies in “Om Innovation” as a tele-caller. As the job location was near to her own resident location, she agreed to appear for the interview. She appeared for the interview and due to her previous experience and knowledge in the same sector she got selected. Now she is earning 10K per month and supporting her family. She thanked Bridge2Naukri team by saying “I really appreciate the work Bridge2Naukri team is doing. They helped me a lot during counselling and I will remain forever grateful to them for providing job in such a critical situation where getting a job became a tough task”


Her father’s name is “Vijay Kumar” works as a Driver. His monthly income is 15k and her mother is a House Maker. She has two brothers and two sisters. After she completed 12th it became impossible for her family to support her education with four other siblings, so she decided to earn and pursue her education through distance so she started searching for a job. She registered herself on the Bridge2Naukri portal and then one day she got a call from Bridge2Naukri team. They provide her information about the job vacancy in “Adroit”. As she was eagerly looking for a job she agreed to appear in the interview. She got selected and now she earns 10K per month. She is now able to support her family as well as her education.

“I learnt how to interact with people, about grooming and behavioral knowledge, importance of working in a team during the counselling session of Bridge2naukri by one of their team member. Then, I appeared for my first interview in Adroit where I got selected. I am currently working as a Sales Associates and earning a monthly income of Rs 10,000/-. My family is quite happy now that I have started working and start supporting them financially.


Vikas is a 20-year-old high school graduate who works as a Customer Service Exexutive in CROMA as customer service executive. He comes from a 6 member family and lives in Mandi Village. He says, “My father works in a textile manufacturing factory at a monthly salary of 18K and I have two younger brothers and one sister who are studying in school. It was very difficult for us even to fulfil our basic needs. My father had a hard time to make the two ends meet and I saw him bearing a lot of pressure all through his life so I decided to earn and support my family but it becomes impossible without any professional experience and knowledge” All this made him sad and he desperately wanted to help his father in supporting the family.

One fine day he got to know about the Skill Development Center running under ‘Bridge2Naukri’. He started taking the Vocational Training and enrolled in Microfinance Executive Course. He said, “This coaching was an opportunity to improve my skills and help me achieve my dreams.”

When asked what change he felt in his personality after the course, he said, “Now I can confidently talk to anyone and can appear in any job interview. This all could happen only due to proper guidance of my trainers. I very well remember that when there were interviews, my trainers guided me from time to time on aspects like how to appear in an interview, what to wear during interviews, how to face the panel and so on. They even counselled as what type of questions will be asked during an interview and this was extremely helpful”.

While sharing his story Vikas was happy and contended that he is now able to support his family and help his siblings to study further. He further added, “This job was a major turning point in my life. It helped me live the life that I have always imagined. My family is also very happy. It is very important to earn as it gives a lot of self-confidence and independence. I feel great to be associated with such a programme which works on not only important guiding principles needed for a job but also pays equal attention on soft skills which helps a person to become successful in life.”


Yogesh is a 25-year-old and works in Big Bazaar. There are 5 members in his family. Two younger brother and one younger sister and his mother. His father passed away few years back. After his father´s demise Yogesh and his entire family suffered a great mental and financial set back. He said “that time was very difficult for all of my family as we barely knew what should be the next step which we should take to get out of the situation”. He decided to start working to full-fill the basic needs of his family. But during lockdown he lost his job and it became nearly impossible for him to ensure basic necessities for hi family. He was in dire need of a job and unfortunately was unable to find one!

After that, he appeared for many interviews but was unable to get a job. One day he got to know about Skill Development Centre under Bridge2Naukri programme which provided free vocational training to youngsters. He enrolled himself in the course of Retail and after completion of his training he started appearing for the interviews and due to his previous experience, skills, and guidance from the trainers, he got selected.

He was impressed by the way the trainers resolved each and every difficulty that he was facing during her earlier interviews. He happily says, “I am really thankful to my trainers and team of the Skill Development Center. This initiative has completely changed my life. Now I finally have a job after so much of struggle. By providing free training to the needy youth this initiative is really being helpful”

He added, “It is important to take part in training classes as they give you a lot of self-confidence and open up good number of opportunities for financial independence. I am so delighted that I decided to get registered for this training and after that I happily guide my other friends who are eagerly looking for a job to get registered.”

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